Hybrid Car Sales – Observing The Trends

In the first quarter of 2007, data from Forbes shows that within the US alone, hybrids made a combined sale of around 17,000 units, an astounding increase of 10% from the previous quarter in 2006. The demand is definitely rising and this is translating into actual sales. Sale of hybrid vehicles vis-a-vis the total number of light-duty cars sold increased by as much as 1.4 percent when compared with previous year levels. This is a sign that more buyers prefer hybrids to traditional-fuel vehicles.

Why the Rush to the Hybrid Section?

With the rising cost of fuel, more and more car buyers are being urged to opt to hybrid vehicles. Since 2003, hybrid car-makers have made a profit through sales of hybrid cars. In 2004 in the US alone the hybrid car market Used van sales was close to 88,000 units. And with the increasing awareness of the effects of climate change on global warming Hybrid car sales are predicted to grow.

With high hopes for hybrid vehicle sales to hit record highs this year, car makers are rushing to put into on the marketplace new designs, packed with all the green and energy efficient features that they could muster in addition to the technology-related features. New models are also widening the selection of choices which range from compact to mid-sized sedans, to minivans and SUVs to trucks and pickups.

Automobile buyers are able to be choosy with the variety of hybrid models available on the market today. In addition, the fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness features of these hybrids are reaching new heights, captivating a new kind of mindful and socially conscious breed of buyers.

Prices are competitive enough to warrant a loyal following. Moreover, tax incentives and incentives are available to buyers of these eco-friendly hybrid units. Doing the math one can be conscious that he could easily recoup the few thousand dollars more for a hybrid car than a traditional onethrough a reduction in fuel consumption.

Safety And Efficiency

The hybrids are also secure for the buyer as well as his family, too. Apart from fuel efficiency, hybrid safety features are attracting more customers. The windows can be opened and the lower emissions of the hybrid make sure that your children are breathing cleaner and cleaner air both inside and outside the hybrid van. Stability and navigation systems for hybrid vehicles are also a step up, which increases the safety factor more. The hybrid buyer is assured of efficiency not only fuel-wise, but overall car performance-wise.

As people become more fuel-price cognizant and more conscious of climate change as well as the consequences of greenhouse gases as they recognize that safety is paramount, and are beginning to expect the comfort and pleasure of riding green and environmentally friendly automobiles, hybrid vehicle sales will continue to increase. Car makers are thus capitalizing the trend. They making one unique hybrid model after the other. Every car dealer will surely have a hybrid in his inventory.


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