Work From Home – Make Money Blogging With WordPress

Do you want to work from home and earn money blogging? You should consider WordPress to be the most powerful tool. When it is installed on a website, WordPress is endlessly customizable, allowing you to create exactly the high-traffic and highly-profitable website you’d like to have.

Three steps to think about when you’re making money with WordPress blogs.

1. Determine Your Business Plan Do You Want to Keep Your Blog or sell it?

The first thing you should do should be to decide on an appropriate business model (how you’ll make money) through your brand-new WordPress blog.

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Business models to consider include making a blog that you sell (known in the industry as “flipping”), creating your own blog where you’ll sell one or more affiliate products, creating a blog to sell your own products, or creating a blog on which you’ll offer advertising.

No matter what business model you select which one you prefer, you can make use of WordPress plugins to personalize each blog to suit a specific type of.

2. Pick Money-Making Blog Topics and Styles

Your next step is choosing your blog’s topic that is profitable. You can earn money by promoting hundreds of subjects, but here’s a big hint: you should sell what consumers are purchasing. A lot of new bloggers are told to select a niche that is not competitive or has no competition, however this is useless advice. Niches will little competition are viewed as having a limited number of clients.

Here’s a quick way to identify an opportunity Discover if magazines are out there on this topic. If magazines exist, it’s a money making topic.

After you’ve decided on a subject then you need to decide on the best style for your blog. My favorite style for small-scale money-making blogs is a style called a review. The review blogs, just as the name suggests, focus on reviews. Since people always want to know the good and the negative aspects of products prior to buying them, any review blog will draw traffic.

Another blog design to consider is one that is a news blog. A news blog provides current news related to the area you’ve picked. The benefit of having a one-stop news site is it’s easiest to develop content for a blog.

If you’re not an accomplished blogger be cautious of blogs that are purely content-based. Content-driven blogs require hundreds of posts in order to get noticed; and you would need to post to your blog at minimum every day. However, the main benefit of blogs that are content-based is that you can turn websites that are authoritative that you could ultimately sell at five to six-figure sums.

After you’ve added some posts to your blog Look for WordPress plugins for that particular design of blog. For instance, you can find eBay plugins for various styles of blogs.

3. Testing Blog Ideas: Is It an Eagle or a Duck?

Each blog you write will surprise you at some stage. Therefore, test lots of blog ideas. You’re hoping to find a few soaring eagles amongst a lot of waddling ducks.

WordPress makes it easy to try out blog ideas. You can create your blog in a matter of minutes modify it and add content to it. You’ll soon know if it’s an eagle duck.

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