Reasons Why Many Gamblers Hate Land Based Casinos

Gambling is one form of leisure activity that lots of people cannot resist. Fame, fortune, and money, these are the main reasons they continue to play games in both offline and in-person casinos. And , despite the risks and dangers that could come to the gambler’s door, those who are involved in this kind of activity is growing.

One question that comes to my head: “where do people really bet the most? Online or on land?” When I was curious, I did an inquiry/research and asked people who play gambling games frequently. The following is the conclusion: gamblers are more likely to play their preferred games in the internet the most frequently. If you look from a bird’s view you’ll notice that the number of online gamblers is greater than the number that play at brick and mortar casinos. According to a study that was conducted in Atlantic City, online gambling appeals more to women than males. And in Sydney, Australia, 92 percent of gamblers online are male. Visit:-

Getting into the results, a second issue that comes to my mind is: “what are the reasons that people dislike land based casinos and switch to online casinos?” Here’s my take:

InconvenienceThe advancement of technology with the current generation provides an abundance of convenience, so you can now just sit and relax while playing. However, in traditional gambling houses, you’ll still need to walk to the nearest casino when you wish to play (there’s an exception for those who are only a few miles away).

A lot easier said than done. there are obstacles on your way, including the heavy traffic, costs for gasoline (if you own a vehicle), pollution, additional expenses such as tips, drinks, food and transport and many more. The obstacles can cause you intense stress that will probably result in losing your cash.

Gamblers who have a bad attitude and behavior – Whether you want it or not, you’ll likely meet people who have no manners and right conduct inside the casino. These include those who are drunk or shouting profane words and any other manner of conduct you’re not a fan of. If you are content to let them do what they’d like to do, losing concentration would be the outcome. If you confront them, it could escalate into a battle. Therefore, you must choose but to just get used to it.

No Privacy Protection for Personal Information If you’re skilled at poker, chances are you’ll draw a huge amount of crowd in your back. Good if they stay quiet. But sometimes they keep on talking and talking with each other, giving their own opinions of the most efficient move and what’s best, etc. That if you were the player, I would surely be angry at them.

Loud and Polluted Environment The majority of casinos allow gamblers to smoke or drink inside their establishments however this is not for those who don’t smoke or drink. About the noise, which is a result of the sounds of slot machines, roulette as well as yelling at gamblers, it will surely create an extremely irritating noise that can disrupt your concentration.

No Casino Bonuses – One of the sweetest rewards that an online gambler can get on a gambling website is the casino bonuses online that cannot be found in a land based casino. This is a bit sad, but the moment you enter a real gambling house, you will surely see things mentioned above, and those are the things that will welcome you. Unlike if you play online after you have created your account, you’ve earned the known as “welcome bonus” that you can make use of to add funds to your account.

One person I spoke to, “You will not get an extra bonus if you go to a legitimate casino. What you see is those annoying people and impolite staff.” He also stated “I was once a player at one of the most famous casinos of Vegas. After trying my hand online in a casino, I realized that there’s so much to gain from playing online rather than in a real casino.”

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