Top 12 Blogs For Travel Bloggers

This is a list of creative travel blogs I read and follow. The list written by freelance travel writers includes what I think is the focus of travel blogs. These bloggers are associated with great travel sites / blogs, but they focus on living a unique life (seeing the world around them) and becoming a profitable writer. They are all fun and inspiring to read.
Blog: All verbal

Author: Gary Ernto

Gary has been traveling as a professional traveler since 2007. Check out our blog for interviews with industry leaders such as LauraBly on Posts are factual but personal and include Garys ideas and reasons to visit each destination. Based on the Everything-Klout score, the best travel blogger on Twitter is Everywhere.
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Blog: Nomadic Matt

Author: Matt Kepness

Matt offers practical and tactical advice on how to travel better, cheaper and longer. The blog provides practical details on the best ways to explore the world. The blog is a collection of useful tips rather than a record of Matt’s adventures, but it has a travel guide section that contains information gathered from Matt’s trips since 2004. This site contains a list of videos and resources. Visit:-
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Blog: Go-See-Write

Author: Michael Hodson

He has been traveling with him since 2008, traveling around the world without boarding a plane. His blog contains adventures and experiences as Michaels travels to each destination. Dubai Travel is included in a long list of destinations you can read, and there is a section for travel destination tips. A blog is a personal journey of an adventurer exploring the world.
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Blog: Fox Nomad

Author: Anilporat

Chosen by the Huffington Post as one of the most visible travel writers, Anil is both a full-time traveler and an enthusiast, so blogs usually focus on the technical aspects of travel. .. He regularly visits unobtrusive countries and gives practical advice on how to handle it in places like Yemen and Iraq. On his blog you can find tips on his destinations, technical posts, resources, ecotourism and cultural insights.
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Blog: Legal nomads

Author: Jody-Former Montreal Lawyer

He has traveled the world to eat since 2008 and his blog focuses on food, culture and his adventures. One of the things that favors this travel writer’s blog is that it’s ad-free (except for Amazon links). This makes your blog look very good. This is the perfect blog to see if you’re enjoying a food-related trip. The blog is on MSN’s list of the best travel blogs.
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Blog: Almost fearless

Author: Kristen Gilbert

This blog is one of the best travel and leisure blogs written by moms who have been traveling with their families since 2008 and contains beautiful photo and family, self and travel combinations. Family travel approaches can be found in the blog section: Life, Kitchen, Photography, and Kids. There are some helpful tips about your destination, but more general information about your life. Last post: How I spent 10 years getting to where I started

Blog: camels and chocolate

Author: Christine Luna

One of the best travel writers’ blogs with well-written text, according to and other “top” lists. The author is a professional journalist, interviewed by stars, and a travel addict. It contains a long list of destinations that cover your adventure, sometimes suggested destinations. The blog contains a lot of pictures of travel writers from various travel destinations.
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Blog: Johnny Vagabond

Author: Wes

Another choice for the Huffington Post for a blog about the best travel writers, the attraction of this blog is a well-written description of the writer’s adventures. West travels around the world on a budget and takes great photos along the way. This text is fascinating, clever and entertaining, and also provides a lot of information about your travel destination.

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