Home Decorating Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose a good sofa?
I want a bench that can be stored for years. What should i look for?
The hardwood frame that is glued and screwed in is the strongest. High quality benches have separate coil springs. The mid-priced version uses zigzag feathers. The cheaper one comes with a strap. Loose and washable covers are suitable for families, and densely woven covers are durable. But sit down to see if it was done correctly!

How can I improve the appearance of old floorboards?
Start with medium sandpaper and polish with a special machine that finishes with fine sandpaper. Varnish the floor three times, with light sand in between.
Which blind is best for the cage? I just modified the cage and need to have blinds for the windows. Is there an alternative to regular blinds?
The light is very strong and you wake up in early summer, so you need blinds in the cage. If you’re looking for something different, wrinkles have great soft effects and diffused light, but traditional blinds help prevent light from reflecting off your computer or TV screen. The opaque versions are worth considering-they fit in the gutters on the sides of the window, preventing light from passing through the edges and are perfect for a light sleep. Venetian curtains are another option that allows you to tilt, open and close the curtains for maximum flexibility. Visit:- http://www.bchirartcenter.com/
How can I test the color of the paint without breaking the wall?
You can’t decide which paint looks best in your room before you buy. And I don’t want to stain the walls for weeks. Is there an easy way to help me choose the right color for my room?
Instead of painting the test pots directly on the wall, you can use them to paint large pieces of paper. The backing paper is easy to move and can be tested on a variety of walls without spoiling the appearance of the room.
Can you use impressive wallpapers in a small room?
My room is small, but I want to use a wallpaper with a bold pattern. Is it okay or unpleasant?
good! Large patterns affect small rooms, but use only on one wall. Choose your wallpaper color carefully. Glitter makes a small room feel small, and the soft color contrast of the paper creates a sense of space. Choose a solid color, subtle texture, or small motif for other furniture to balance the overall effect.
How can I create a relaxing lighting scheme?
There is only one ceiling light as the room is not very cozy. How can I be more relaxed? Ceiling lights and hanging lamps give good light overall, but if it is the only light source, the lighting can look strong. Add table lamps next to the sofa and floor lamps, or add reading lights near the chairs to soften the overall effect. In a medium-sized room, you should aim for about two or three separate light sources to create a pool of light where you need it.
What is the best design for a formal living room?
Now that the kids have left home, I want to create a more formal living room. What is the best way to design it?
Regardless of your style, if you need a formal room, the only rule is symmetry! Arranging the furniture symmetrically will give the room the mature look you are looking for. If you have enough space, move the sofa so that it looks like two same sofas or the same sofa. You can also use tricks such as adding some end tables with matching lamps or placing a set of four prints in a matching frame on the wall. If you don’t have the space to store all of these various items, choose a small piece such as a carving chair instead of the upholstered version. Then place it around the focal point, such as a fireplace, window, or coffee table.

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