How To Benefit From Your Enemy

The most terrifying enemies of the primitive man were the animals that surrounded him until he learned to tame some and others to train himself as a useful tool in his daily work. He will be his best friend to cultivate, transport, help war, hunt and protect him from danger with them. He used milk and meat for food, skin and hair for cloth and shoes, bones for needles and musical instruments, and bile and rennet for making cheese and medicine. Even the feces used as agricultural fertilizers and used to light fires have nothing left to waste. He did the same in the vegetable kingdom. Toxic wood and vegetables used for furniture and medicine. Smelly wood used in luxury furniture, toxic night screens as noses, and toxic herbs for soft drinks and psychostimulants.
The sea is salty, undrinkable and dangerous to stay, but men have learned to play in the waves, use precious diamonds, gold, pearls and sponges, and catch delicious fish as bait. We drilled to the huge depths of the ocean to extract gasoline, gas and other precious minerals. Learn to sail the ocean anywhere in the world on a large, luxurious boat that is more romantic than land transportation. No matter how difficult or dangerous it may be, nothing is left unused. Like certain wild animals that are digestible and eat toxic snakes and scorpions without harming their health? He replied when the Greek philosopher Chiron once heard a man avoid all enemies as useless and dangerous. “If you do that, you will not be able to take advantage of the hidden treasures that are often hidden by difficult men, and you will not be able to grow as a strong and respectful person.” Visit:-

A man who can make the most of his enemies with skill and peace is the best leader to rule the world at the same time. “In many cases, honest enemies have advantages over more flattering friends. The enemy asks for mistakes to justify his anger, but friends ignore them from courtesy. Since the main purpose of life is to “know ourselves,” we don’t care if our enemies reluctantly help us correct our mistakes. In self-actualization. Fire burns and kills, but at the same time gives light and heat to help for the kitchen and for all art if you learn to use it well. The same is true for the enemy, despite the behavior of the enemy’s anger. If you have the opportunity to embrace your anger and changes in your advantage, rather than retaliation, you need to dig deeper. Hatred and revenge like jungle animals.
Thyme is a bitter, convergent and juicy herb, but bees extract the most delicious honey and sheep produce the best milk when eaten. If you look down on something unpleasant and difficult, you also lose the opportunity to discover hidden treasures. Like unpolished diamonds on our public roads, we sometimes walk on them unnoticed by their hidden treasures. Coconuts and macadamia nuts are very difficult to get out of the shell, but when we were able to open them, the delicious meat they contained was worth it. Listening to and respecting the words and opinions of others is a sign of prudence and respect. You can gain dignity by staying calm and paying attention to the opinions of others. They are people who like to be noisy when talking idle, like the bubbles of a waterfall. The bubbles quickly break and leave a breeze.
I often regret having told a premature or stupid story, but never when I’m silent. Attending a symposium in Athens, Socrates sees a young man who is silent all night, and finally approaches him and whispers in his ear. “Young man,” he said. “If you happen to be a fool, it was a good choice to keep silent tonight, but if you’re smart, you’re a fool, so you’re a fool,” he said. Personally, when it happens in an unpleasant environment, I keep silent like a grave. Sporadic words here and there to warm the icy atmosphere a bit. The worst thing to do is to talk too much and try to hurt the attitude and dignity of others. “When trying to persuade an angry man, the ironic philosopher Diogenes said when he found out he didn’t know what he was talking about or what he was doing.”

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