World’s Top 10 Textile Companies

Fashion and clothes are vital human necessities, regardless of any technological changes. Fashion has seen a lot of change over the last few decades. There are thousands of businesses and brands working tirelessly to bring the latest trends to consumers across the world. Textile is the soul of every fashion. Let’s look at the Top 10 Textile Manufacturing Companies, that have been dominating the fashion industry for decades.

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1. Arvind Limited The company is an Indian textile producer and the main company of Lalbhai Group, founded in 1931 in Ahmedabad. This firm has been setting the trends for decades. It focuses on creating the finest fabric and unique designs. It has licenses for a variety of popular international brands, including Arrow, Tommy Hilfiger and Cherokee.

2. Dorothy Perkins It is a U.S.-based retailer and manufacturer of fashion that is world-famous for its lingerie, tights, and sleepwear collections. They have a variety of outfit ideas online . They also have many different styles to pick from. The brand is popular among women.

3. Bombay DyeingWhadia Group’s Indian flagship company is a pioneer in the industry of home textiles. This company has been redefining home style over the last few decades. It offers the finest bedding sheets, linens, curtains and comforters as well as blankets and other bedding items.

4. Agile In 1853, the French company is a leading supplier of quality footwear and textile products. It is well-known for its Chinos and bias ribs jumper.

5. New Zealand’s Canterbury:Established in 1904, this is a sports clothing business that focuses on the game of rugby. Their slogan reflects their commitment to their business: “committed to the game”. The company is also the official sponsor of the New Zealand and Scotland cricket teams. It has also sponsored many teams and nations such as England, Georgia, Japan, Poland, etc.

6. Admiral Sportswear This company in the United Kingdom is committed to producing sportswear that is associated with cricket and football since 1914. The company is mainly focussed on three distinct categories that include football performance and retro-inspired sportswear and casual sports-inspired fashion.

7. 7.The company is located in the United States that produces golf clothing. Initially, they were dealing with golf-related products, but later , they began designing other clothes as well. Golfers endorse their products as ambassadors. Taylormade (Adidas) has acquired the business. The company now focuses on traditional and modern clothing.

8.Bruno BananiIt was founded in Germany in 1933. The company is engaged in the creation of undergarments and clothing for women and men. They also manufacture fashionable accessories like belts, wallets, and shoulder bags. Biophys, a green fiber that is biocompatible with humans, was among the most significant innovations made by the company.

9. Cone Mills CorporationThis German-based firm is the world’s largest manufacturer of denim. The company owned Asheville Cotton, Minneola Manufacturing Company, John Wolf Textiles, American Spinning Company. and so on. The latter were acquired by W.L. Ross. But, they’re still leading as one of the biggest producers of denim.

10. Cotton Corporation of IndiaThe initiative is run by the Ministry of Textiles in India. This corporation is involved in the import and export of cotton and related products across the world.

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