Automotive Advertising Agencies Focus on People Using Social Media

The function of the auto advertising agency has evolved to be a part of the new rules for driving on the Internet Super Highway. Newly empowered consumers do not have to be restricted to searching for a vehicle with information supplied by auto dealers who provide information via conventional media like radio, T.V. or newspaper. The internet has enabled car customers to get information from like minded customers before or after their shopping and/or buying experience. The online community is playing an increasing role in the car buying process and automotive advertising agencies use them to influence consumers.

The new pull / push nature of the market driven by the Internet requires advertising agencies for automotive to pay attention to people, not. the product or price. Customers have their own agendas in obtaining information via the internet, which is no longer a requirement to depend on a dealer to be the primary source. Today’s online shoppers prioritize their customers when they select a dealership they’re willing to do business with. This doesn’t mean that product and price aren’t important. It’s just that all systems start with people, and that people are the true advantage of any dealer, automotive advertising agency or other vendor! Visit:-

The most obvious evidence of the priority that people play in the auto shopping/buying/service experience is the explosive growth that social media has enjoyed as a marketing media vs. conventional radio, T.V. and print which used to dominate the automotive advertising landscape. Advertising agencies for automotive recognize that consumers have always preferred doing business with people that they trust and like. Social networking has expanded the areas of influence of car shoppers/buyers to include their online friends.

The market is a discussion between friends before, during and following the car buying/shopping/service cycle. Auto dealers who have connections in social media communities are more likely to join in the conversation. More specifically, automotive advertising agencies recognize that it’s difficult to make friends with a structure or websites! It is the people that work in the dealership to help their families have a story to share to their friends and who can earn the money — not the Chevrolet, Toyota, Mercedes and so on. — or the extended service hours as well as the specials offered weekly. Saturday service hours have no appeal if customers don’t like or trust the person they’re handing their keys to. Being able to have a trusted acquaintance in the car industry is a relief that trumps the best product, process or price for the typical car buyer.

Automotive advertising agencies also recognize the importance of people in both the physical as well as the virtual showroom experience that will be evident in the amount of units sold and the job performance at the conclusion of each month. First impressions last forever and they are not limited to a large display, clean, or a dealer-centric selling system that handles customers for service and sales. The atmosphere in a well run dealership reflects the morale of the staff in sales and service that directly impact the customers that an automotive advertising agency drives to the dealership.

A smiley salesperson and service writer and cashier isn’t something that can be demanded as a condition of the policy , just as customer satisfaction can’t be bought or assumed to be a given by simply offering the lowest price. It has to be earned. It’s earned when a manager or dealer appreciates the individual and team contributions of his staff -and communicates this to them often! It is managed with the help of HR teams and hiring procedures that choose personality over previous experiences in auto sales. It is accompanied by compensation plans that reflect personal contributions as well as the job description and clearly defined areas of responsibility which are overseen and controlled by a professional management team.

Employee retention is directly related to customer satisfaction as well as retention. Neither of these can be ignored. Automotive advertising agencies are counseling their auto dealer clients to invest in their employees prior to, during and after they have been hired to complement their investment in automotive advertising. Their employees represent their dealership and it will be their employees who will market their vehicles and service to a growing list of friends and customers.

Automotive advertising agencies have expanded their areas of responsibility to include their involvement in all aspects of day-to day operations at an auto dealership. The majority of selling systems and procedures involve a meeting or greeting and an initial manager T.O. to establish the needs of the client the need for inventory walk and facility walk or test drive, and a presentation of features and a desking process, an administrator T.O. negotiation and negotiations, an F&I introduction, a delivery procedure and service introduction. Each of these steps is followed by a state of the art CRM/ILM, Follow-up and DMS systems. However, these well thought out procedures are only as good as the sales person who has entered the customer’s information into the system and/or is expected to follow up if not sold or who is relied upon to offer future referrals and service.

All of these actions reflect on the job performance of the automobile advertising company and must be addressed within the agency’s responsibilities. Automotive advertising companies recognize that sales training is too typically limited to a few weeks immediately after the hire or an outsourced trainer hired to bolster the employees. Because of the complexity of a well-planned selling system that is described in the previous paragraphs what is a new employee expected to retain everything that they must know? Add in product information and a grasp of how human nature affects the negotiation process and yet again- the investment in the employees becomes evident.


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